Lighten up the dark days of winter!


your eguide

your eguide

Baby it’s cold outside! Take the chill off with these warming salads:

It’s hard to eat raw foods in the dark days of winter, but eating only cooked foods can make you feel heavy and tired:

  • learn simple tricks and easy tips for creating cold weather salads that warm you
  • enjoy satisfying recipes that you will come back to again and again
  • get your daily dose of nutrient dense veggies for radiant health

Don’t wait for warmer weather!


Katherine’s knowledge of food and enthusiasm for teaching is inspiring. Her delicious recipes using foods rich in nutrients and vitality have the potential to transform your health.

Andrew Goldman, DO, Great Barrington, MA

“Katherine is a powerful and intent health coach and it comes through in gentle and supportive ways. I will be forever practicing many of the things I learned, making a huge difference in my life and the life of my family.

Leslie Raznik, Acupuncturist, Seattle, WA

“Thank you again for getting me started on my path to better overall health and wellness. I have finally have been able find a great balance for my body and am truly reaping the incredible benefits (as are my children).  I feel amazing.  More energy, better mental focus and less led by my emotions.” 

Laura Nosek, Yoga Teacher, Wheaton, IL

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